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Mystery buyer wants to make bank on Donald Trump’s childhood home

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The unnamed investor hopes to pull in tidy profit at auction next month

An unnamed New York investor bought Donald Trump’s first home in Queens with plans to take the Tudor-style abode to auction next month and, with any luck, turn a tidy profit, auctioneers at Paramount Realty USA told Mansion Global.

The sale represents a new twist in the never-ending saga of Trump’s boyhood stomping grounds, which first hit the market in July but failed to sell, even after a price chop. The place was then scheduled to go to auction in October, but with Trump’s star then rising, the auction date was unceremoniously postponed until after the election.

By November 10, though, Trump had become PEOTUS, and the (still somewhat dated) abode was projected to fetch up to $10 million, experts told the New York Post— roughly $9.2 million more than the outgoing owners paid for the place in 2008. The auction was rescheduled for December.

But now it is December, and the plot has thickened once again: listing records show the Trump house went into contract earlier this month at its $1.25 million asking price. According to Mansion Global, the house is now slated to hit the auction block on January 17th—a mere three days before Inauguration Day — at which point the mystery investor will likely cash in on the home’s newly historic value.