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Curbed Cup Elite Eight results! Jersey City advances to the Final Four

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Voting in the Final Four round begins next week

If seeding is any indication of how it’s suspected that certain neighborhoods will perform in the Curbed Cup, things are going mostly as planned this year compared to last year’s major upset. In Curbed Cup 2016, high seeds prevail: New development-heavy Downtown Brooklyn (3) triumphed over Harlem (11) by capturing nearly 20 percent more of the vote, while the Financial District’s great strides at the World Trade Center in 2016 helped it clinch a spot in the Final Four over the Upper East Side, which doesn’t look like it’ll be getting the Second Avenue Subway this year after all.

Slightly more surprising is that Prospect Heights (4) went neck-and-neck with Long Island City (5) to come out on top—and just barely. But the big upset of this year’s Curbed Cup is the continued dominance of Jersey City (9) that went on to pulverize the South Village (16) in the Elite Eight by garnering nearly 40 percent more of the vote.

Curbed Cup voting returns on Tuesday, so get ready for the Final Four: Jersey City vs. Prospect Heights and Downtown Brooklyn vs. Financial District. Will a New Jersey neighborhood steal this year’s Curbed Cup? Or will it be a historic Manhattan neighborhood that’s rewriting its history—or one of two Brooklyn neighborhoods that’s undergoing major change? Come back ready to vote next week—this is going to be a good one.