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Say goodbye to the garbage fire that was 2016 in Times Square this week

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Leave your unwanted memories behind at the 10th annual “Good Riddance Day”

Times Square NYC Flickr/Damian Santucci, Times Square Alliance

2016 has been an interesting year, to say the least, filled with memories and events of all sorts, some far less pleasant than others. Thankfully, Times Square Alliance is once again giving you the opportunity to destroy those unpleasantries with their 10th annual “Good Riddance Day” (h/t DNAinfo).

This Wednesday, embrace the chance to shred your “unpleasant, embarrassing and downright unwanted memories from 2016 to pave the way for new memories in 2017.” The event is inspired by a Latin American New Year’s tradition where bad memories are represented by objects that are then stuffed into dolls before being set ablaze.

So what are some of the memories people want to leave behind going into the New Year? According to the Twitter feed of Shred-It, the company that will be providing the mobile shredding truck, folks are so over internet trolls, the word “bae”, duck face, man buns, and scary clowns. There’s definitely more that can be tacked onto that list but that’s another story.

The Shred-It truck will be on site from noon to 1 p.m. on Wednesday, December 28th to assist in the purge.

For those who need to express their sentiments towards the relatively distasteful year with more conviction, Strand bookstore has a line of “Fuck 2016” merchandise and apparel that can help you do just that.

Times Square

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