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Study confirms that Times Square is a terrible place to be on New Year's Eve

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New York City didn’t even rank among the top 20 best places to spend NYE


Everyone knows that Times Square on New Year’s Eve is pure chaos—but that’s exactly what draws millions of people there year after year. For those who are dedicated enough to head to Midtown hours in advance in hopes of securing prime viewing spots to watch the ball drop, it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity. But a new study shows that more people than you would think aren’t buying into the hype.

Financial website WalletHub crafted a list of the country’s 100 best places to spend New Year’s Eve and New York City didn’t even crack the top 20, coming in at 38th place. (h/t Metro) So how did the city that hosts the New Year’s Eve party of all parties score so low? Here’s what WalletHub used to determine scores:

They analyzed the city’s entertainment and food options on New Year’s Eve including nightlife options, luxury shopping, New Year’s Eve popularity, and so on; NYC ranked 19th here.

Next up, WalletHub looked at cost, and New York came in 99th—meaning it was the second most expensive place to spend New Year’s Eve, bested only by Las Vegas.

Safety and accessibility, meanwhile, is where NYC came out (almost) on top—Times Square was ranked the second safest place to spend New Year’s Eve, falling behind Lincoln, Nebraska.

So which U.S. city ranked number one? Surprise, surprise: Orlando, Florida was the winner. But hey, if Times Square is your hotspot, you do you—and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

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