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The Bronx and Brooklyn had the most heat complaints this year

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Complaints are up 20 percent from last year across the city

Curbed Flickr/The Shared Experience

Temperatures may be relatively warm for this time of year but New York City is still a cold place to be. At least, that’s what the rise in NYC heat complaints suggests. Apartment listing site RentHop conducted its annual study of 311 complaints made throughout various neighborhoods and found that complaints are up 20 percent from last year (h/t DNAinfo).

Between October 1st and December 18th, there were 57,820 unique heat complaints compared to just 48,174 from the same period last year. The West Bronx managed to garner the highest concentration of complaints, followed by Central Brooklyn, and Upper Manhattan. The Bronx also had three of the city’s five coldest neighborhoods while Brooklyn experienced the greatest increase in complaints.


While Manhattan complaints increased less than the city average as a whole, they were still up from last year by 14 percent. Staten Island also experienced a less drastic spike. Check out the full report here and see how your neighborhood fared.