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Bed-Stuy church hits the market for $6 million due to ‘gentrification’

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New stores and construction have made it difficult for current and prospective members to attend

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Yet another one of New York City’s places of worship is being pushed out of its home to become a developer’s playground. For more than 30 years, Antioch Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ has resided within its building at 1259 Bedford Avenue in Bed-Stuy, but the church is now up for sale citing “gentrification” as the cause, reports DNAinfo.

“All the different high-end stores moving into the area are making it very difficult for us to have any type of parking. It’s stunting the growth of the church,” Bishop Michael Jackson explained to DNAinfo. New hotels and increased traffic has also made it difficult for the church to expand its membership, causing Jackson to list the site for $6 million.

The two-story building was formerly owned by the Salvation Army before the church purchased it for $24,500 in 1980. Jackson hopes to relocate nearby and has his sights set along Atlantic Avenue. While he hopes for a move in 2017, he says that he isn’t in a rush.