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Gas station-replacing High Line condo gets its glass and metal facade

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The Getty has begun getting its curtain wall

Photos courtesy of Field Condition

The former Getty gas station-turned-condo building, developed by Michael Shvo and Victor Group, is starting to look like something. Photographer Field Condition was on location at 239 Tenth Avenue to check on the progress of the forthcoming 11-story building, and the exterior is starting to look like its rendering.

Field Condition’s new set of photos show that The Getty, as it will be known, is in the process of receiving its metal and glass curtain wall. The High Line-adjacent tower topped out in July.

Once complete, the building will have six units; the whole shebang was designed by Peter Marino Architects (a.k.a “the leather daddy of luxury”). The ground floor will serve as commercial space that will house an art gallery. A completion date of 2016 was originally anticipated, but we’re guessing that things will take just a little bit longer.