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For $2M, a Victorian-style home in Staten Island with colorful character

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19th century detail is paired with brightly painted rooms throughout this unique space

Listing details for this Staten Island abode are scarce but if a picture really is worth a thousand words, then the listing photos are all that is needed to describe the unique space. Looking at the facade alone, one wouldn’t suspect for this 1870s-built home to be as colorful as it is within.

Expanding across 2,359 square feet of space, this multi-family home consists of six bedrooms and three bathrooms and loads of character. Several of the rooms boasts vividly painted walls and are complemented by ornate moldings, shutters, fireplaces, and other fancy details. If over-the-top home decor is your thing, this $2 million home has it all and then some.

Images courtesy Corcoran

There aren’t any listing photos of the eat-in kitchen or bathrooms, which typically suggests that those areas may not be in the best of conditions. The bedrooms mimic the colorfulness found in many of the common rooms and are also populated with classic charming details.

According to the floorplan, there is a huge patio that partially wraps around the base of the home’s rear before leading to an expansive backyard. Unfortunately, there aren’t photos of those spaces either, leaving it all up to the imagination.