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All of NYC’s underground subway stations will have free Wi-Fi by New Year’s Eve

The MTA is aiming to finish the year on a couple of high notes


The MTA is doing its best to meet its end-of-year deadlines and it just might be safe to say the agency is doing pretty well. The long-awaited Second Avenue Subway will finally open with an inaugural subway ride on New Year’s Eve, exclusively for elected officials and the press before debuting to the public on New Year’s Day at 6 a.m. But that is not the only project that will be able to boast completion. According to DNAinfo, all 279 of the MTA’s underground stations will be equipped with Wi-Fi by the end of the year.

Transit Wireless, the company hired by the MTA to provide the stations with public Wi-Fi, and the MTA originally planned to have all underground stations equipped with Wi-Fi by the end of 2017 but decided to work on an accelerated timeline. Just a few weeks ago, the company had already installed the service in 250 stations.

The next step will be to get all above-ground stations Wi-Fi equipped along with Metro-North and LIRR stations. So far, no timeline has been released on when those are expected to be completed.