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$7M Upper East Side condo has spooky-yet-whimsical vibe

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Leather-padded walls, anyone?

The listing for this $6.9 million Upper East Side two-bedroom offers less than a single sentence of detail. But then, a picture is worth a thousand words, and the pictures of this gothic boudoir-style abode tell all you need to know.

Just in case, though, here is the official description in full: “Beautifully Furnished 2 bedroom conv 3 featuring 3,350SF.”

With that out of the way, let’s move onto the many marvels that await in this Elvira-meets-Dr. Seuss condo, from the black leather-padded walls in the living room to the imposing black lacquer chandelier over the dining table, the fur-covered chairs in the sitting area to the enormous mirror behind the master bed.

Underneath all the purple and black trappings, the residence does not appear to be so different from other, less alluringly sinister luxury spaces: the floorplan shows a huge open kitchen/dining/living area; a master bedroom with an en-suite bath, an absurdly spacious “dressing area” and a designated shoe closet; a spacious second bedroom; and two more full bathrooms side by side.

The apartment is currently owned by Naomi Altholz, daughter of New York real estate mogul Axel Stawski, who picked up the place for just over $5.15 million in 2007.