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Donald Trump’s election won’t increase the value of his buildings, say brokers

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Respondents to a PropertyShark survey don’t anticipate a market shift

A new survey from professional real estate site Property Shark suggests that, despite his impending presidency, Donald Trump’s real estate empire is unlikely to see much of a bump in value now that he’s been elected leader of the free world.

“Unsurprisingly, the Trump brand has been under public attention all throughout the campaign period and in the light of the election results it continues to be so,” the site writes, by way of understatement.

It is, of course, just speculation at this point, but a survey of 406 PropertyShark users—NYC investors and brokers—revealed that 56 percent of respondents didn’t see the value of units in Trump-branded buildings increasing. And even the respondents who did foresee an increase didn’t anticipate anything drastic: they predicted an average bump of 15 percent.

As PropertyShark notes, though, the effects of the election are already playing out on Trump-branded real estate. Last month, Equity Residential, which owns three rental buildings that are part of the Trump Place complex on the Upper West Side, announced they’d be dropping the Trump name.

And it wasn’t so long ago that a Times report found that the Trump name was actually losing its cache among buyers (though that was pre-election—some would say it was a simpler time). So perhaps the biggest takeaway is that—like so many things about the Trump presidency—the future value of those Trump-branded properties remains unclear.