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NYC was the world's most Instagrammed city this year

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People really do love New York

While there are plenty of breathtaking places to see in the world, New York City was the one that was captured the most attention on Instagram. CNN reports that, according to the photo-sharing app’s 2016 year-end data, NYC was most Instagrammed city in the world for the year.

In all honesty, it’s not that shocking, because it’s New York City. But when you really let it soak in, it’s a big freaking deal. Seriously—Rio de Janiero hosted the 2016 Olympics and even it couldn’t top the five boroughs. So New Yorkers, pat yourself on the back, because you get to live in a city that much of the world truly loves.

Below are some of New York City’s top scoring locations for posts on Instagram:

Central Park

It should come as no surprise that Central Park is not only one of the most tagged locations in NYC, but in the entire world. There’s so much to see and do in the iconic park that it never gets old—especially when it comes to Instagramming.

The last of Autumn in the city #nyc #centralpark #fall

A photo posted by John Plesner (@johnplesner) on

Brooklyn Bridge

This popular structure is probably Brooklyn’s biggest tourist attraction and one of New York’s most recognized symbols.

Some mornings just write themselves.

A photo posted by Christopher Creese (@creeseworks) on

Times Square

The quintessential representation of New York City’s “bright lights, big city” reputation is none other than Times Square. Many natives avoid it like the plague, but visitors flock to the neighborhood to bask in the excitement of it all.

#NYC #timessquare #lightsaction #lovethisplace

A photo posted by Sophe Portanger-Smith (@sophegrace) on

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Met managed to snag second place for the world’s most Instagrammed museums, just after the Louvre in Paris. Way to go, Met!

A photo posted by Alex Vargas (@_vargasalex) on

W Hotel

Kudos to the W Hotel in Times Square for slipping into second place among the world’s most Instagrammed hotels. The MGM Grand Las Vegas hotel beat the trendy chain out for first place. Fair enough.

Sugar Factory

The most popular restaurant on Instagram was none other than this trendy spot in the Meatpacking District, which has been visited by the Kardashian kids, Teresa Giudice, and other C-listers.