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Williamsburg’s first pod hotel set to open this spring

The rooms are 100 square feet, but there’ll be plenty of communal space

Rendering of Pod Brooklyn

BD Hotels’s third micro-outpost isfinally set to open in Williamsburg next year. Fabricated in Poland and designed by Garrison Architects, Pod Brooklyn will offer weary travelers tons of amenities and very little personal space. With that announcement comes a spate of new details on the micro-hotel, which was originally due to open sometime in 2016.

The 249 modular rooms run about 100 square feet, and come configured with queen or bunk beds (choices!). They feature the usual high-tech amenities, And while no one would accuse the rooms themselves of being oversized, the windows apparently will be, allowing visitors to overlook public spaces that “create a social college campus feel,” according to a press release. (But then, doesn’t all of North Williamsburg kind of feel like a college campus?)

In order to cultivate what the developers are calling “the communal experience”—and to provide, ya know, space—the hotel is doubling down on shared amenities. In total, Pod Brooklyn will have more than 10,000 square feet of public space, including April Bloomfield and Ken Friedman’s second Salvation Taco (the first is at Midtown’s Pod 39), private and public rooftops, a sidewalk café, and three courtyards. The ground floor will offer 16,000 square feet of retail space to merchants, but those are TBD.

“We look forward to filling a gap in lodging within an area that has seen a surplus of luxury hotels,” said Richard Born, co-founder of BD Hotels with Ira Drukier, in a statement. And this, at least, is hopefully a promise they can deliver on: Rooms are expected to start at $125/night, according to the release — a whole lot cheaper than the Wythe Hotel a few blocks North.