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Quaint Long Island City townhouse with potential wants $1.4M

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With a bit of imagination, the slightly outdated home could be something special

Maybe no one would call this detached two-family home in Long Island City “sleek” or “modern,” but the place does have potential. In addition to its adorable brick exterior, the $1.395 million house also has a garden, a two-car driveway,and a garage. There’s 3,000 square feet of living space, with hardwood flooring, and a finished English basement with a kitchenette and a dark room.

In its present incarnation, the house is divided into two units: a garden duplex, which encompasses the aforementioned basement, two large bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a living room with an open (if dated) kitchen; and a separate second-floor unit, with two bedrooms, one bathroom, and what looks like a similar living/kitchen/dining set up. But, as the listing points out, there are “endless possibilities for this building,” which can be delivered empty or with a tenant.