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LICH's megaproject is nigh as Fortis files plans for two buildings

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The apartment buildings will bring a total of 76 apartments to the area

Rendering via Fortis Property Group

Just over a month after Fortis Property Group announced that it will move forward with an as-of-right plan at the Long Island College Hospital campus in Cobble Hill, the developer has now filed plans for two residential buildings at the site, The Real Deal has learned.

This news comes on the heels of the attorney general’s approval of the developer’s conversion of the Polhemus Building at 100 Amity, which will see the creation of 17 apartments.

The newest plans filed give us a little more insight into what we can expect at the 20-building site that is the Long Island College Hospital complex. The first of these two towers will rise 350 Hicks Street, stand 17-stories tall and come with 46 apartments. The second will stand 15-stories tall, have 30 apartments, and will be located at 347 Henry Street.

At 350 Hicks Street, Fortis will have to demolish an existing two-story parking garage to move forward with its plan. Here, the developer also plans to create a 58,874-square-foot community facility. The project at 347 Henry Street is located right next to the Polhemus Building site.

Over the past two years, Fortis has insisted over and over again that it was in favor of moving forward with the ULURP plan for the LICH site which would have guaranteed the developer more luxury apartments, but would have give the neighborhood several affordable units.

Cobble Hill residents have been vociferously opposed to both plans right from the start, and after being frustrated with the constant back and forth surrounding this project, Fortis decided last month to move forward with the as-of-right plan that doesn’t include any affordable housing.