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Big reveal: $800,000 for a small, classy Upper East Side co-op

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Did you guess correctly?

All photos courtesy Sotheby’s International Realty

Yesterday we challenged you to guess the price of this pre-war one-bedroom apartment on the Upper East Side, and NYCsince1983 gets the bragging rights for coming up with the precise asking price of $800,000. “My biggest complaint: it’s a shame that the hallway to the bath/bedroom is in the middle of the LR wall, making it impossible to center the sofa against the wall across from the fireplace. Having that bulky sofa floating there in the room is why this "classy" place looks cramped,” they stated. Overall, most commenters liked the place, especially the built-ins and breakfast nook. yingei was a super-close second with a guess of $799,000.

Let’s look at that floorplan one more time: