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See 24 hours of NYC subway activity in this hypnotic video

It’s a soothing sensory experience, unlike the subway itself

We cannot make it be Friday, but we can provide you with this mesmerizing visualization of 24 hours of New York City subway activity, set—in an inspired turn—to that old chestnut, “Rhapsody in Blue.” (Truly, you need the score to get the whole heart-pumping experience.)

“I wanted to make the map because I had never seen it before,” tipster Will Geary, a data science grad student at Columbia, told Curbed. To get the necessary numbers he collected subway station locations from the MTA website, and then “manually scraped weekday timetables for each subway line to create a unique data set.”

It is hard to draw any definitive conclusions from the map—mostly, it’s a soothing sensory experience—though there is one major takeaway: even in the idealized mind of the MTA, the C train is exactly as terrible as you think it is.