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Open thread: Which NYC neighborhood has the best Christmas decorations?

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It’s hard to beat New York City when it comes to city-wide displays of holiday cheer: pretty much all of Midtown is festooned with twinkly lights, wreaths, and other holiday ornamentation from Thanksgiving on, and thousands of people flock to Manhattan for its myriad window displays, Christmas trees, and other ephemera.

Of course, Manhattan doesn’t have the Christmas decoration game on lock: Dyker Heights in South Brooklyn is known for its rambling homes with over-the-top holiday scenes (and has gotten famous enough to warrant pricey bus tours of the area). And Whitestone, Queens has its own community of Christmas fiends—some of whom have even appeared on The Great Christmas Light Fight, because of course there’s a reality competition about Christmas lights.

But New York is a big city, and there are surely pockets that we haven’t named where residents go all-out for the holidays, be it with lights, trees, or those inflatable things you see on suburban front lawns across the country. So we want to hear from you, dear readers: Where do you go to check out Christmas (or other holiday) decorations in NYC? Leave your answers in the comments, and photos, as always, are appreciated.