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Chelsea studio with fête-ready terrace wants $2,825/month

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The private terrace is basically as big as the rest of the apartment

All photos courtesy of CORE

If you’re the kind of person who likes to host tons of outdoor parties this 295-square-foot studio is definitely for you. With a private terrace that’s basically about the same size as the living area in the studio, the outdoor space can comfortably fit a large table, lounge chairs and an umbrella. With the change in the weather, however, you may want to invest in a nice outdoor heater.

The rest of the apartment is pretty cute too, with the kitchen separated from the central living area and bathroom right across from it. From the listing photos it seems the space can comfortably fit a full-size bed, a couch, and additional storage—probably a necessity, since the apartment only has one closet.

Located right at the intersection of West 23rd Street and Seventh Avenue in Chelsea, the apartment is next to a ton of trendy bars and restaurants. The studio, which is asking $2,825/month, is located on the third floor of an 18-story pre-war elevator building which comes with a roof deck and a laundry facility.