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New Looks at Ben Shaoul's High-End East Village Condos

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The 32 apartments will start at $1.3 million

After demolition (which revealed the remains of an old movie theater), changes to the design, and the launch of a very weird marketing campaign, Ben Shaoul's condos at 100 Avenue A are getting closer to completion. A full site for the East Village development just launched, and with it come new renderings of the building, along with floorplans for some of its units. There are 32 apartments, which will start at $1.3 million for a one-bedroom, as previously reported, and two-bedrooms will start at $1.925 million. Oh, and as for that marketing campaign? It's a collaboration with artist Trina Merry, and the idea is to show body-painted people blending in to East Village locations—quite literally.

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100 Avenue A

100 Avenue A, New York, NY 10009