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In Long Island City, Queens's Erstwhile Tallest Tower Rises

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When it was announced in 2013, Rockrose Development's Long Island City rental tower at 43-25 Hunter Street was poised to become the tallest building in Queens. But that was three years ago—pretty much a century in New York City development years—so of course it's been ousted from that seat. Just this week, plans for a new tallest tower in Queens were filed; a 79-story tower in Court Square. Rockrose's rental building will stand a mere 50 stories, which is still nothing to scoff at. Photographer Tectonic swung by to photograph progress at the site, and it looks like things are moving right along. When complete in 2017, the SLCE-designed tower will have 975 rentals—which is more than it's tallest neighbor can say.

↑ This rendering isn't much, but it's something.
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43-25 Hunter Street

43-25 Hunter Street, Queens, NY