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See Where Manhattan Co-op Prices Have Risen the Most Since 2000

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In New York City, "The One That Got Away" means something very different from what it means elsewhere. Everyone has a story about an apartment that was snatched out from under their fingertips or of the regrettable decision to not buy that too-good-to-be-true pad way back when. If this sounds familiar maybe now's the time to stop reading this, because here comes the realness. The folks at NeighborhoodX have decided to rub some salt in that wound by determining where co-op prices—and by extension, resale—have soared the most in Manhattan between 2000 and today. As always, the results are surprising and slightly painful.

NeighborhoodX used data supplied by Miller Samuel to determine which neighborhoods experienced the biggest growth in average purchase price per square foot in the last 15 years. The neighborhood that takes the cake? The Financial District, where the average purchase price per square foot has risen an astronomical 272.31 percent since 2000, from $307 to $1,143. Who said the Financial District wasn't a place to live?

Soho takes second place, where the average price per square foot is up 184.57 percent, from $525 in 2000 to $1,494 in 2015. For the rest of the winners, if you can call them that, check out the graph below, and head to NeighborhoodX's site for the interactive version.

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