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Sunset Park's Eighth Avenue Is a Hotbed of Construction

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It's cold today and will only get colder going into the weekend. So, you might not want to step outside. But if you did in Sunset Park, you might notice a flurry of activity (and possibly actual flurries). The Brooklyn Daily Eagle recently took a stroll along Eighth Avenue in the neighborhood and did a run down of the developments on the horizon.

A parking lot at 6200 Eighth Avenue is set to become Eighth Avenue Center, which would include a 150-room hotel, two 15-story residential buildings, a 17-story office building, and retail space. The project isn't a go just yet and Brooklyn Community Board 10 was against it.

At 5623 Eighth Avenue, a three-story, two-unit residential building is being expanded to become a six-story commercial building with community facility space.

At 5521 Eighth Avenue, work is chugging along for a new medical building. The six-story, 81,000-square-foot structure will have both office and retail space, plus 42,500 square feet of community facility space, and parking for 154 cars.

In addition to those developments, infrastructure improvements are also underway, the Eagle said.

If you want to see what's going on, you might want to consider Sunday, when the Lunar New Year Parade starts at 11:00 a.m. at 50th Street. (Which also happens to be the coldest day on the weather forecast.)

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