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For $16.25M, a Huge Gramercy Pad Complete With Park Key

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This Gramercy Park apartment is something of a unicorn: rare, a little strange, and likely to be highly coveted by most people who see it. The four-bedroom unit features close to 5,000 square feet of space, and an additional 1,000 square feet spread out over two terraces and a private outdoor garden. The New York Times first reported on the condo, which is now on the market for $16.25 million.

The building once held eight apartments, but was converted into a three-unit house by architect Michael Haverland for one of the previous owners of the building, according to the Times. The apartment for sale occupies close to 75 percent of the building, and there's a penthouse located on top couple of floors.

Now, this is where it gets a little confusing. The sale includes two units: The four-bedroom condo, and another 700-square-foot, rent-stabilized unit (that's currently occupied) on ground level that faces the back of the building and has a separate entrance. Apart from that, some of the standout features of this condo include 13-foot ceilings, white oak flooring, and custom built fireplaces. It also comes with an even bigger unicorn: a key to Gramercy Park itself.

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