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For $25,000, You Can Own the Island of Manhattan (Sort Of)

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When you consider the fact that apartments in Manhattan routinely surpass the million dollar mark, spending just $25,000 to own part of the island doesn't seem like that bad of a deal. But there is, obviously, a catch: The Manhattan in question is a miniature model created by Troy Huang, a NYC designer. His creation, which takes up an entire five-foot-long desk, was made using laser cutting (for the building map) and 3D printing (for the buildings themselves), and is illuminated with LED lights. In a Reddit thread about the model (where it was first spotted by a tipster), Huang explained that the model took him seven weeks to build (with some outside help), using plywood as the base, and acrylic to cover it once it was on the desk itself. And while the desk is currently only depicting Manhattan below 72nd Street, Huang says he could, in theory, expand it. "I have the rest of the city," he said in a comment. "I could have made the whole city. but then there is scale and size problem. I have to make a decision where to stop or the table would 10 feet long." Pretty cool. Huang says he may tackle Chicago next, so that's something to look forward to.

A Desk of Manhattan

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