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In Photos: Grand Central's Unexpected Morning Blackout

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Spooky power outage at #grandcentral this morning

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This morning after 9 a.m., a burst water pipe that disrupted electrical feeds caused a partial blackout at Grand Central Terminal. The outage affected the terminal's lower level—its dining concourse—startling both travelers and employees. "I had my hands on the blender and it goes pitch black. Boom! It was unexpected," Shake Shack employee Brian Quintana told the Daily News, further elaborating that it reminded him of the movie The Purge, which revolves around the premise that all crime is made legal by the government for a 12-hour period once a year. Luckily, things didn't shake out that way. "Everyone handled it pretty well. Nobody panicked," according to Owen Benfield who was in Shake Shack's office at the time. "After a while a light came on, half-lit. We were escorted out," Benfield said. So the ending here is a (thankfully) ho-hum one, but the images captured by those in the terminal at the time of the blackout are pretty wild.


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Power outage at Grand Central. #spooky #grandcentral #metronorth #mta #nyc

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· Grand Central Terminal power outage leaves travelers in the dark [NYDN]

Grand Central Terminal

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