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Greenpoint Hospital's Conversion to Housing Stalls Again

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Plans to convert the former Greenpoint Hospital complex into affordable housing have stalled once again, and the city has instead been using the space as a laundry facility for homeless shelters, the Brooklyn Paper reports.
Last October, the city had announced plans to restart the development of the hospital site at 300 Skillman Avenue with the possibility of creating nearly 500 units of affordable housing, a new homeless shelter, and renovation work on the surrounding buildings, according to the Brooklyn Paper.

But it seems the city never followed through on its announcement to issue a request for proposals, and instead this delay has joined a long list of missteps on the redevelopment project.

The hospital shutdown in 1982, and since then community activists have been campaigning to convert the site into affordable housing. In 2007, the city issued a request for proposals and handed the project to a Queens-based developer, despite protests from locals. There were accusations of favoritism and later one of the developers was indicted on bribery charges. By 2012, the project had stalled once again until the city reinvigorated hopes last fall.

The Department of Housing and Preservation declined to provide a date for when the new request for proposals would be issued, according to the Brooklyn Paper. Brooklyn Relics provides some great historical background into the site.

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