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High Line's Final Piece Could Become an Open 'Piazza'

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The final undeveloped bit of the High Line is known as the Spur, a portion of the elevated train tracks that juts out along the park's 30th Street stretch between Tenth and Eleventh Avenues. The initial design concept for that portion of the park included a bowl-like structure that would have been filled with greenery. But according to DNAInfo, that plan may no longer be in play; new renderings, as part of a Parks Department presentation, show that the design may now include an open piazza at the end of the stretch, which hangs over Tenth Avenue. Other plans for the park, which would be about 420 feet long, include several viewing spots, an open stretch of track, and a "Threshold" that would feature plenty of greenery. It would also run beneath 10 Hudson Yards, which is currently under construction.

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Hudson Yards

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10 Hudson Yards

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