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Famed Hollywood Composer's Former UES Townhouse Asks $22.5M

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Another day, another gorgeous Upper East Side townhouse hits the market asking a price that most New Yorkers will never be able to afford—in this case, $22.5 million. (But hey, it's fun to look, right?) The townhouse in question has quite the pedigree: It once belonged to Franz Waxman, a famed composer whose work is all over films like Rear Window, The Bride of Frankenstein, Sunset Boulevard, and A Place in the Sun (he won Oscars for those last two). The house itself was built in 1916, and has a number of impressive features: six wood-burning fireplaces, three terraces, three balconies, and an elevator connecting its six floors. There's one catch, though: it's currently split into three apartments, with a gallery on the ground floor; presumably, if you're spending $22.5 million on a place, you'll probably want to turn it back into one ginormous mansion (but who knows!). In any case, it's a beaut and part of a landmarked district, to boot.

46 East 65th Street [Brown Harris Stevens]