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In Chelsea, a Transformed Pre-War Co-Op Seeks $1.225M

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It may not look like it now, but this one-bedroom apartment in Chelsea's London Terrace complex has a, uh, colorful history. Literally: When its current owner, a Condé Nast exec, bought the apartment in 2012, the place was painted pink—even the ceilings—and the kitchen came with a maroon refrigerator. Both that space and the bathroom were cramped and narrow, and little natural light was able to make it into the sixth-floor apartment. So when it came time to renovate, the current owner knew what he wanted to do: add as much light and warmth as possible.

It took about a year's worth of renovating to bring the apartment into the 21st century: among the changes that the owner made were expanding the kitchen and adding in new appliances and countertops; adding custom closets in the bedroom; and repainting everything so that it was no longer a shade of bubblegum pink, but rather a bright white that lent the space an airy feel. The bathroom was completely gutted as well, and now features subway tile, a soaking tub, and Lefroy Brooks fixtures.

Still, NYC homeowners can be fickle, and after four years the owner is looking to sell; the apartment is currently listed for $1.225 million. (All that money spent on the reno may pay off if the owner gets the full ask; it was purchased for around $725,000 in 2012.)

Here's a comparison of the living room before and after:

Listing: 410 West 24th Street #6J [Halstead]