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$26M West Village Home Has 'Rooftop Atelier,' Bathroom Disco Ball

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The most arresting feature of this four-bedroom townhouse in the West Village is probably the steel and glass atelier that's perched atop the building. Inspired by the Maison de Verre (French for House of Glass) in Paris, the south wall opens up with a mechanical hand crank, on to a terrace. There are plenty of nice features in this townhouse that was once home to interior designer James Huniford. The sitting room on the ground floor features 17th-century wood paneling, floor-to-ceiling windows, and a wood burning fireplace. There's also a spiral staircase to boot. But there's some quirky stuff in there too. A disco ball in the bathroom for one, and a neon heart sign in the kitchen. Apart from that, the property features plenty of outdoor space —landscaped gardens on the ground floor, and terraces on some of the upper floors. The upper floors are where the bedrooms are located as well. The top floor at this townhouse can either be used as an office or a library, according to the brokerbabble. The current owners, Jocelyn C. White and Annabel Catherine White purchased the property from Huniford in 2009 for $7.25 million, and are now listing it for $26 million.

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