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W Train To Make Triumphant Return Thanks to Second Ave. Subway

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Rejoice, Queens residents: The W train is coming back. As part of the planned changes coming to the Q line thanks to the Second Avenue Subway, the MTA is resurrecting the W line, which was taken out of service in 2010 due to, in the MTA's words, "a global economic downturn that led to significant decreases in funding across all MTA agencies." Though no official date for the train's return has been set, the MTA estimates that it'll happen by fall 2016—which means they're still aiming to get the Second Avenue Subway itself up and running by the end of the year.

When the first portion of the long-delayed subway line actually debuts, it will create new stations, serviced by the Q train, at 72nd, 86th, and 96th streets, as well as the existing F station at Lexington Ave-63rd St. In order to facilitate that work, the MTA needs to reroute the Q, which currently travels (along with the N) up to Astoria, Queens. Hence, the return of the W: that line previously functioned in Queens much the same as the Q does now, so its return makes sense (and has, in fact, been talked about for some time now).

And, of course, 2nd Ave. Sagas's Benjamin Kabak had already broken down the details of how this will work:

· W trains will make all local stops between Astoria-Ditmars Boulevard and Whitehall St. during weekdays. There will be no W service on weekends or late nights (which is in line with current Q service to Astoria).
· N trains will run express in Manhattan between 34th St. – Herald Square and Canal St. on weekdays. N trains will run local on weekends and late nights.
· Q trains will run express to 57th St./7th Ave. until the Second Ave. Subway opens, and then, Q trains will run to 96th St./2nd Ave. with additional stops at Lexington Ave./63rd St., 72nd St./2nd Ave. and 86th St./2nd Ave. The Q will not stop at 49th St.

· R train service will be unchanged.The MTA estimates that this change will cost about $13.7 million per year.
· Ahead of 2nd Ave. Subway opening, MTA officially set to restore W service to Astoria [SAS]
· MTA May Revive W Line to Queens Due to Second Ave. Subway [Curbed]