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LICH Demo Finally Set to Begin After Neighbor Causes Delay

It's no secret that many Cobble Hill residents oppose the redevelopment plans for the Long Island College Hospital complex, which has been a bone of contention in the neighborhood since pretty much ever. But some denizens have recently taken some extreme measures to keep progress on the project, which is being developed by Fortis Property Group, from moving forward. Demolition was set to begin with the new year, but DNAInfo reports that as recently as last month, it was held up by a property owner who wouldn't allow Fortis to access the LICH-facing land at 86, 90, and 92 Atlantic Avenue.

According to court records accessed by DNAInfo, Fortis needed to access those three properties to erect scaffolding, netting, and construction fencing, before it could proceed with the demolition of the Fuller and Othmer Pavilions. Those buildings will eventually be replaced by a new NYU Langone Medical Center. But the property owner, named in the court records as Tulip Associates, wouldn't let Fortis get the process started.

But almost as quickly as the fight started, it was over: a Fortis spokesperson confirms that the issue has since been resolved, and demolition is due to start soon on the Fuller and Othmer Pavilions. The developer has also added a note to its website for the project, intended, they say, "to provide a place for the public to share concerns regarding demolition activity so that we can address any issues as quickly as possible." (Presumably, that doesn't include outright stopping it from happening.)
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