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Extell May Be Eyeing 14th Street For Another Development

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Condo-developing juggernaut Extell just can't—or won't—be stopped: Crain's reports that Gary Barnett is looking at another parcel of land at 530 Sixth Avenue, best-known as the home of Moscot's eyeglass emporium. The current owner, the Duell family, is apparently looking to sell (for an undisclosed price), and Extell—the prolific firm behind such behemoths as Central Park Tower and One Manhattan Square—may be looking to buy.

The 14th Street site is about 17,000 square feet, but may have as much of 127,000 square feet of residential air rights available for development. And per The Real Deal, this isn't the first time that Extell has purchased property from Duell: The developer snapped up three other sites on Seventh Avenue, West 17th Street, and Third Avenue from the family in the past few years.
· Gary Barnett close to acquiring another Duell family property [Crain's]
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