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Atlantic Basin Back On Table For Red Hook Ferry Stop

As the city gets closer to finalizing its plans for citywide ferry service, one stop that had been considered impossible is once again under consideration. Atlantic Basin could be where the ferry stops in Red Hook, city officials told a meeting of Brooklyn Community Board 6's transportation committee on Thursday, DNAinfo reported. Last year, it had been taken off the table due to concerns over security – the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal is right there – and the fact that the basin has a small opening. But the New York City Economic Development Corporation has concluded ferry service is feasibly at the centrally located site.

Also being considered is the Erie Basin near Ikea, but it's not centrally located and the ferry would have to slow down entering the port, which would add time. A stop at the end of the Van Brunt Street pier had been considered, but now the possibility is a stop closer to Fairway, the report said. Also being considered is Valentino Pier. While that site isn't viewed as fantastic, it is the only one owned entirely by the city. The committee, for its part, has backed the Atlantic Basin stop. A final environmental impact statement is due at the end of April, and might include naming the Red Hook selection.

The new ferry network will not be integrated into the MetroCard system, but will have its own internal free transfer system, DNAinfo said. Of course, the MTA is trying to phase out the MetroCard anyway.

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