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Restaurateur Keith McNally's West Village Home Seeks $13.95M

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The Balthazar restaurateur's NYC home is back on the market

Restaurateur Keith McNally (Balthazar, Cherche Midi, basically every of-the-moment downtown restaurant of the past decade or so) has been trying to offload his West Village townhouse for a few years now; he was first trying to rent it (for $25,000/month, then $19,000/month), and now, it's on the market for $13.995 million. The home, a five-bedroom, 4,600-square-foot pad built in 1910, almost lives up to the brokerbabble (which describes it as "a handcrafted masterpiece rich in warmth and character"): It has that whole French-rustic-chic thing going on, with several wood-burning fireplaces, reclaimed wood floors, exposed timber beams, and walls that appear to come with centuries' worth of patina on them.

And unsurprisingly, considering the owner, the kitchen is gorgeous—there's plenty of storage space, copper countertops, and a lovely apron sink. Seriously, look at it:

Oh, and there's a walk-in wine cellar, because of course. Take a look at the rest of the house below: