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MTA May Shell Out $66M To Meet Second Ave. Subway Deadline

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Funds will go towards speeding up work on mechanical rooms, escalators, and to carry out testing on the line

The Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) is planning to infuse $66 million into speeding up construction on the Second Avenue Subway, 2nd Ave. Sagas reports. The plan will be reviewed by the MTA's board this week, but the additional funds are seen as a move to ensure that the subway is ready to meet its deadline of December 2016.

In December last year, an independent contractor told the MTA that there was a risk of the project missing its December 31, 2016 deadline, and that it would likely open sometime next year.

The plan to provide additional funding follows the news from last week that the W Train is set to return to service. Once the first phase of the Second Avenue Subway is up and running, the Q train will be rerouted to service the new stations at 72nd, 86th, and 96th Streets, and the W will essentially take over the Q's current route going to Astoria, Queens.

If the additional expenditure by the MTA is approved it will mean extended work shifts for crews and some weekend work. Some of the things that need urgent work include the mechanical rooms, elevator and escalators, and more testing along the route, according to 2nd Ave. Sagas.