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Trash & Vaudeville Will Leave St. Marks Place At the End of February

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The iconic punk-rock shop will move to East 7th Street on February 29

Put yet another nail in the coffin of what was once the East Village's strangest street: Trash & Vaudeville, the punk-rock haven that's occupied 4 St. Marks Place for more than 40 years, will officially move to its new digs next month. The shop announced on Instagram (h/t DNAInfo) that its final day on St. Marks will be February 29.

The shop's move, to a space just around the corner on East 7th Street, has been in the works for some time. But once the building it's currently located in (a 1831 Federal townhouse that once belonged to Alexander Hamilton's son) hit the market last year, the timeline for the shift was bound to be sped up a bit. The house was originally listed for $11.9 million, but according to Eastern Consolidated, which is handling the sale, it's now asking $10.5 million.