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Hookah Bar-Replacing East Village Condos Are Coming Along

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It'll have six full-floor apartments starting at $3.3 million

In the year since work began on the hookah bar-replacing condos at 64 East 1st Street, construction has progressed pretty quickly. A new update from EV Grieve shows that the building's structure is mostly complete, with the bones in place for the six full-floor apartments that will eventually occupy the building.

The condo, called 64 East, is being touted as part of "the Bowery District" (uh…sure) and will have what the developer calls a "contemporary industrial" feel upon completion. What that means: a stone exterior, casement windows, and metal elements on the facade that are meant to "pay homage to the nearby iconic Williamsburg and Manhattan Bridges."

Here's a rendering of the project, for comparison purposes:

The condos hit the market last year from $3.3 million, and one is already in contract.