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Brooklyn Brewery May Leave Its Williamsburg Space

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The brewing behemoth is seeking spaces elsewhere in Brooklyn

The Williamsburg building that's home to the Brooklyn Brewery and Brooklyn Bowl hit the market last year, and so far has yet to find a buyer. But the impending sale has the owners of the brewery scoping out other potential locations within the borough. Crain's reports that the beer maker is eyeing spaces at Industry City and the Brooklyn Navy Yard for a potential new home, which would accommodate both its brewing operations as well as a retail store.

While the brewery has a lease for the space on North 11th Street through 2025, its COO and general manager Eric Ottoway told Crain's that the chances of them renewing the lease there are "zero," hence the search for a new home. (They could potentially vacate the space before then, too.) The Navy Yard and Industry City have the space that the company would need—as much as 60,000 square feet, if not more—if not the foot traffic. "It's hard to find a neighborhood that has the level of visibility that Williamsburg has," Ottoway told Crain's.

It's not the only big move that the Brewery is making in the coming years: The company is in the process of moving the majority of its brewing operation from Utica to a brand new, $70 million hub on Staten Island.

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