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Boxy Downtown Brooklyn Church Conversion Gets Its Facade

The former community center will give way to 84 apartments

What do you get when you mix an aging structure with an architect with a taste for cyborg additions? The church-to-residential building at 200 Nassau Street in Downtown Brooklyn (and a few other things.) Robert Scarano protege Nataliya Donskoy revealed her design for the community center and church conversion of the Church of the Open Door in 2013, and construction site chronicler Tectonic stopped by to find that things are moving right along (h/t YIMBY).

When complete, the building will have 84 apartments (no word yet if they'll be condos or rentals), a few of which will be duplexes and have terraces. With the addition, the building's been expanded from roughly 13,000 square feet to 59,000 square feet, meaning units will be an average size of 704 square feet. Building amenities will include parking for 31 cars, bike storage, and in-building laundry.