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Metropolitan Museum of Art Will Change Its Admission Signs

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The move comes ahead of the institution opening of its space at the old Whitney

Visitors to the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s locations on Fifth Avenue and at the Cloisters in Fort Tryon Park don’t have to pay for admission if they don’t want to. But they might not know that. A change in wording, however, should clear that up. As the result of a lawsuit, the museum will be changing the wording of signs from "recommended admission" to "suggested admission," it announced Friday (h/t DNAinfo). The amount "suggested" will remain $25 for adults.

The change in wording comes just as the Met prepares for the opening of its third exhibition space – Met Breuer – at the old home of the Whitney Museum of American Art on Madison Avenue at East 75th Street. It opens on March 18 and the same "pay as you wish" policy will apply there. "The opening of The Met Breuer presented an ideal time to put this case behind us, and to refine the admission signs for our 'Suggested Admission/Pay What You Wish' policy, not only at The Met Breuer, but also at The Met Fifth Avenue and The Met Cloisters," said Thomas P. Campbell, the museum’s director and CEO.

While 513,941 people have visited the Met Fifth Avenue’s current eight exhibitions at no extra cost, Campbell emphasized that "the support the Met receives through admissions contributes to our ongoing operations and programming; it is critical to our success and greatly appreciated."

The Met Fifth Avenue just opened and will close at 5:30 this evening. The Cloisters will close at 4:45.

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