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Contested Central Park West Church Conversion Is a No-Go For Now

After several years, there's still no resolution for this church-to-condos project

The saga of the church-to-condo conversion at 361 Central Park West has been a long and contentious one. A plan to transform the former First Church of Christ, Scientist, into housing has been in the works for years, but thanks to a number of factors—LPC opposition, community board opposition, more community board opposition—no real progress has been made.

Now, YIMBY reports that there's yet another hurdle for the project to clear before it can get the conversion go-ahead: It must pass muster with the Board of Standards and Appeals, which approves various waivers to get the project moving. There've been a few changes to the plans since the LPC gave its seal of approval, most notably the fact that the number of units has gone from 39 to 35. The place has already been gutted (it's a landmark, but its interiors weren't protected), so it's really just waiting on approvals at this point.

According to YIMBY, several meetings have been held with no resolution; the BSA may finally render a decision at its next meeting on March 8, but considering the history of this project thus far, we're not holding our breath.