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Brooklyn Bridge Park's Controversial Pier 6 Housing Plan Put On Hold

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The project intended to bring 339 apartments to the waterfront park

The controversial plan to bring housing to Pier 6 at Brooklyn Bridge Park is on hold for now, the Wall Street Journal reports. After repeated opposition from local residents and elected officials, the state is withholding approval on the project until the city reaches a solution with the concerned parties.

Part of Mayor Bill de Blasio's affordable housing plan, the project would have created two residential buildings on the waterfront. One with market-rate units, and the other with affordable and market-rate rentals for a total of 339 apartments. About 30 percent of the apartments would have been affordable.

The city says money generated by the project will help towards the upkeep of the park, but several reports issued by community groups highlight other routes the city can pursue to maintain it.

The 85-acre park was a joint creation of the city and state, and it was expected that funds generated by residential and commercial development would help finance the upkeep of the park.

The current standstill came about when the city tried to get approval for the creation of the affordable units at the site. At first the state was on board too, but as it began hearing continued opposition from local residents and several elected officials representing the area, the state decided that there was a need for greater discussion before the project moved forward.

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