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Nab a Two-Bedroom In NYC's Next Hot Neighborhood For $540,000

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Quick, before the New York Times writes about Sunset Park again

Last week, the New York Times dubbed Sunset Park West New York City's next hot neighborhood. Putting aside that Sunset Park West isn't actually a thing, the area's been on the rise (read: becoming more expensive) for a while now what with Industry City's success and the newly opened Bush Terminal Park.

Beside for the fact that Sunset Park itself is among the city's hidden treasures, the neighborhood is also still a relatively affordable place to live (or at least was before the Times blew up its spot.) Take for example this two-bedroom co-op at 856 43rd Street. It's relatively spacious, comes with an updated kitchen, and is asking $540,000. The maintenance is a mere $470. The time to act is now, before the Gray Lady begins extolling the virtues of SunBorough Park, that other made-up neighborhood to its east.