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Huge Kew Gardens House With Wraparound Porch Seeks $1.5M

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It has seven bedrooms, high ceilings, and a backyard that's "as big as a private park"

UPDATE: This home has since been taken off the market, so we've removed the link to the listing.

This enormous (we're talking 10,000 square feet of space) Queens abode looks like something you'd find in the middle of the country, not Kew Gardens: It's situated atop a hill, with a set of stone stairs leading up to a rather lovely and spacious wraparound porch.

The interiors of the house itself are a bit dated, which may explain why the home has gotten a price chop recently. It was originally listed last February for nearly $1.6 million, but as of this week, it's down to a $1.499 million asking price.

Here's what $1.5 million gets you: seven bedrooms (including one with a colorful mural painted on the wall, should you want that kind of thing); a gut-renovated kitchen (with, inexplicably, a ceiling-mounted TV); a wet bar in the basement; and, per the listing, a "backyard as big as a private park." And hey, it's a lot cheaper than you'd get for the same space in Manhattan or Brooklyn.