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Artist's Gorgeous Fort Greene Townhouse Is Back, Still Wants $13M

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The home was created from a 19th-century schoolhouse and a modern addition

Artist David Salle's sprawling townhouse at 81 Hanson Place is back: The palatial residence, created by combining an 1830s schoolhouse with a more modern addition, was listed in June for a whopping $13 million, vaulting it close to the top of the list of Brooklyn's most expensive properties. It was de-listed not long after, but as of today it's back on the market with the same broker (Elliman), the same listings photos, and the same $13 million ask.

This isn't the first time LaSalle has put this home on the market: He first listed it back in 2012 for $10 million, but Hurricane Sandy put a crimp in that plan. The 10,500-square-foot home serves several purposes: In addition to the residential portion, there's a full-floor gallery on the parlor level, along with two separate areas that could function as home offices (including one in a finished basement that also has a gym). Oh, and there's a two-car garage, because of course.

Other features of this gloriously over-the-top mansion include a side garden, several outdoor terraces ("I like watching the interplay of light and shadow on the terraces — throughout the house, really," Salle told the Times in 2012), double-height ceilings, a wood-burning fireplace, and one heck of an en suite. (Plus, obviously, the bragging rights of living in a place this unusual.)