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Noho Building Seeks a Developer For Planned Adjmi Condo Conversion

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The developer's plan was approved by the Landmarks Commission, but now the firm wants to sell

Early last year, the Blumenfeld Development Group (BDG) planned to covert a five-story, 19th-century commercial building in NoHo into a residential building with three apartments, and add an additional floor to the structure.

Since it is located in the Noho Historic District Extension, BDG had to seek approval from the city's Landmarks Commission for exterior changes to the building at 41 Great Jones Street. That approval was granted in January last year.

The local community board was not too enthusiastic about the project, but nevertheless the proposal got the go ahead from city authorities and work was scheduled to get underway last November, according to Real Estate Weekly.

The planned conversion however never took place and the building is now on the market for $21 million along with the approved plans that were designed by Morris Adjmi Architects.

Curbed reached out to the BDG about the sale, but the development group has yet to respond. Curbed also reached out to Cushman and Wakefield, which is representing BDG for the sale, but a representative said he was not allowed to comment on the reasoning behind the sale.

Morris Adjmi's design called for the creation of two duplexes and a triplex at the building, according to YIMBY. BDG was also scheduled to restore and preserve some of the historic character of the building.