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These High Line-Hugging Rentals Are Coming Along

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Just over six months after renders were unveiled for Lalezarian Properties' High Line-adjacent residential project, photos by Tectonic reveal that the project is moving along quickly, construction wise. The Avinash K. Malhotra Architects-designed project includes three buildings in total —one larger 35-story building at 323 Tenth Avenue and two, smaller 13-story buildings along West 28th and West 29th Street. The development will feature a total of 375 apartments —220 at the taller building, and 155 spread out over the two shorter buildings, according to Tectonic. Each of the buildings will also have retail on the ground floor. Amenities announced so far include a pool, a fitness room,and a residents lounge. The project lists both 323 Tenth Avenue and 507 West 28th Street as its address. The project is expected to be complete later this year.

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