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Mayor's Horse Carriage Plan Fails After Key Ally Backs Out

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Despite agreeing to a compromise, and intensive efforts to gain critical allies over the last few weeks, Mayor Bill de Blasio's plan to limit horse-drawn carriages in the city has failed, The New York Times reports. The City Council planned to vote on the bill on Friday, but has now removed it from its calendar after one of the key supporters of the revised proposal —the Teamsters union, withdrew its support. "We negotiated in good faith with the City Council and the Teamsters to reach this agreement," de Blasio said in an emailed statement. "The terms of that agreement have not changed during these past weeks, but today the Teamsters decided to back away from the fair compromise they had previously endorsed. While we are disappointed this bill will no longer be considered Friday, the people of this city know what I believe, and we will work toward a new path on this issue."

When de Blasio was first campaigning for office he wanted the horse carriage industry to be banned completely in the city. After a strong backlash, de Blasio agreed to a compromise where the number of carriages would be reduced from 220 to 95, pedicabs would be banned below 85th street, and a new stable and carriage house would be built along the 85th Street Transverse.

But that compromise ultimately didn't pass muster either. The Teamsters, who had previously supported the bill despite opposition from carriage drivers, decided the bill was not in the best interest of the horse carriage industry. The City Council rarely votes on measures that are assured not to pass, and as a result the item was removed from the agenda on Friday, according to the Times. Council members, who had mostly been hesitant about the bill, were only likely to support it with the backing of the Teamsters.

According to the Mayor's office, the bill had enough votes to pass in the City Council before the Teamsters decided to pull out.

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